Entry #2

Song Remix Contest!!!

2008-11-07 21:22:34 by PARANATION

Hey there all. I got another song remix contest. This one will be a little more fun. I have a song with one note and i used it on FL Studio. I am urging you all artist to make a remix of this song. The song is called Moltov. If anybody wants to make remix of it please either message me here or email me at Goldeneye1178@hotmail.com



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2008-11-08 22:18:00

Moltov Link:


After you're done with the song send it to my email. Because my internet connection is acting very slow.



2008-12-25 14:59:51

I haven't got much to work with, but I gave it a go. It's basically just a midi that's synced and played over the original file, but it works better than it sounds.

I need to get some better gear... :]

By the way, the link in your doesn't work so I just used the mp3 here on NG instead. :|